Founded in 2012, Keruyun Technology(Beijing)Co., Ltd. is a global innovative leader in the field of Online to Offline. Keruyun is a cloud-based SaaS company which devotes itself to providing intelligent solutions for the local service industry through in-house developed software and hardware.

Keruyun has set more than 20 stations in China to provide services to all customers across the country.

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We are a group of young people loving life; the company has such organized activities as swimming, basketball, football, badminton, shoot and birthday party for us. What is the most important is the afternoon tea each day.

Afternoon tea

We love plants, so the office is full of green.


We advocate combination of exertion and rest, so billiards are favored by programmers.


We advocate winning by teamwork, so each person can make his/her own shares in the post.

Teamwork wins

We trust fast learning, fast moving and infinite knowledge. Confronted with increasingly fierce competition, we must empower us and make friends to live freely.

Fast learning fast moving

We trust that we will do the best wherever we are and whatever we do; we will outpace the opponent, our own and acme.

Best or nothing

Certainly, the most important is that we are the strength with high beauty.

Keruyun is perfect only with you.

Your joining is earnestly expected.

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Company Profile

Keruyun Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is the world’s leading and China’s largest cloud-based SaaS company. Keruyun is devoted to providing new generations of intelligent management systems integrating software and hardware to merchants engaging in catering, retailing and other service businesses.

Keruyun was successfully listed on the NEEQ (OC: 835268) in December 2015 and was included into the innovation level of NEEQ in May 2017. The company is headquartered in Beijing, with a Sales Center established in Wuhan, a Software R&D Center in Chengdu and a Hardware R&D Center in Shenzhen. Currently, the company has set up 34 branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan and so on.This is more than 2000 employees, more than 500 authorized agencies nationwide and more than 150,000 merchants. In 2016, the company registered a year-on-year revenue growth by 640%. 

December 2015, Keruyun successfully listed on the NEEQ (Code: 835268), which provides the company a new platform for the operation of the capital market. On August 5, 2016, Keruyun released a new product OnPOS mini and lauched a new financial service, the Wallet Payment. After four months it has completed its B+ round with an investment of 72 million RMB. To meet the increasing market demand, Keruyu decided to issue an 150 million RMB inverstment for its C round on December 20th. Keruyun has been committed to connecting people and services more intelligent, efficient and simple,  hoping to change the future of the service industry.

Corporate Philosophy


Product and Service

Keruyun, through combining software, hardware and cloud in a SaaS model, has built three levels of product ecological chains in total. It covers a SaaS product group which improves efficiency, an open platform which integrates upstream and downstream resources in catering services, as well as value-added services through big data.

1.      The first level : the SaaS product group. The operating efficiency of merchants are comprehensively promoted by using smart terminals as carriers, including integrated smart cash registers like OnPOS, OnPOS mini and OnPOS Handset. It also has built-in smart self-service devices like OnKiosk Tower and OnKiosk Tablet, loaded with the On OS system which integrates ordering, cashier, take-out, reporting, queuing and other services;

2.      The second level : the Open Platform. The Open Platform of Keruyun connects high-quality enterprises in the whole chain of catering industry in terms of “personnel, capital, goods and customers”, This not only helps merchants gain customers efficiently, but also provides services such as financial software, personnel management and supply chain management, so as to assist merchants in managing outlets with high efficiency;

3.    The third level:value-added services through big data. Through a team of professional consultants and primary big data, Keruyun can provide service merchants with big data value-added services like On Finance, On Supply, On Loyalty and On Talent, and further equip merchants with smart operational capability to raise their profits comprehensively.

Corporate Culture

  Life is Great 热爱生活

  Teamwork Wins 团队制胜

  Fast Learning Fast Moving 快学快用

  Best or Nothing 超越极致

CEO Peng Lei

Chinese Name: Peng Lei 
English Name: Phoenix 
Position: Keruyun founder and CEO 
Peng Lei has graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China with a bachelor's degree in mechanical and electrical engineering, and received a master's degree in software engineering from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Since in the University, Peng Lei has founded four internet companies specializing in different areas, including: Social Contact, Big Data, Group Buying and SaaS System. With “Life is Great” as his entrepreneurship values, Peng Lei established Keruyun in 2012, which is an internet company dedicated to providing new generations of intelligent SaaS system to service operators engaging in catering, retailing and other service businesses.

Previous positions: 
    Hefei BO ER Technology Ltd.
Founder and CEO 
    Beijing ZHONG TAI BO ER Technology Ltd. Founder and CTO 
    SHOU DE DA CHUANG Technology Ltd. Founder and CTO 
    24-Coupons Founder and COO

Present position: 
    KERUYUN  Founder and CEO

Corporate Vision

Make it more intelligent, efficient and simple to connect people and services.

Corporate Mission

To be a technology-driven company, that provide innovative and high-quality products and build mobile internet ecosystem for the service industry.